Case: CROZ Vintage Acrylic w/ Brass Frame

RM693.00 MYR

This case set includes a Brass Frame and Acrylic Case.

Please be advised that due to the nature of the brass material, the metal frame may show slight aging over time. However, it can be easily polished with a cloth and some brass or silver polish to restore its original shine.

Seller's very HONEST note:

You obviously have a camera and want something more Vintage looking. You think the brass frame looks cool, yup, we think it's cool too!

We will say this once and never again!! This is VERY heavy. We will only bring this in on a request basis. Before you request for it, do note that the brass frame adds A LOT of weight to the camera. Don't come crying if it is too heavy for you. The brass frame does not have an opening for your SD card or your function card, you will have to take everything out to put them in or take them out.