To assemble your Paper Shoot camera, follow these steps:

1. Insert MicroSD Card: Place the microSD card into the adapter. Please note that only a standard SD size is compatible with our camera. Do not insert a microSD card directly into our camera.

2. Prepare Batteries: Arrange your rechargeable batteries in the correct orientation, typically marked with symbols like "− + − +"

3. Insert SD Card and Batteries: Place the SD card into the big silver slot located at the front of the camera board. Then, insert the batteries into the battery bay at the front of the camera board. Ensure they are correctly oriented as indicated.

4. Assemble the Camera: Fold the camera case, slot in the camera board, and securely screw everything together.

Stone Paper Series

Croz Vanguard/Simple Light/Disco Camera Series

Please avoid opening the case beyond a 30-degree angle.

Ensure each component is properly inserted and secured to avoid any issues during use.

Please charge your rechargeable batteries for at least 3 hours before using. After testing, we found that Energizer 700mAh and LADDA 750mAh rechargeable batteries work best with our cameras! Also, don't forget to reformat your SD card before using it!

If you encounter any difficulties, refer to the instruction manual or contact us @ for assistance.

Paper Shoot Camera SG & MY
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